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Best 7 Floating Sunglasses for Kayaking

Best Floating Sunglasses for Kayaking

Looking for Floating Sunglasses when going Kayaking? Here are the important aspects to consider!

Have you gone kayaking in the whitewaters, or on a placid lake, and are feeling a strain on your eyes? Well, maybe you’ve not added the most important accessory to your kayaker’s kit, which is a pair of quality floating sunglasses. Now, do not forget to shop for one before you next hit the waters. They help in preventing dust particles or salt from getting into your eyes.

Though, keep in mind that when shopping for sunglasses for your kayaking expeditions, you need to consider different aspects than the ones used for recreational purposes. Among some aspects that you should consider when looking for floating sunglasses to make you water ready are polarized lenses, good fit, and floating straps.

Best 7 Floating Sunglasses for Kayaking

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1. Rheos Coopers Floating Polarized Sunglasses

Rheos Coopers Floating Polarized Sunglasses are designed for those who love spending time on the water. It is insanely comfortable and is made from a sturdy frame. Take a shot at this pair of Rheos Coopers Floating Polarized Sunglasses and you will not regret your decision ever.

The lenses are highly resistant to scratches and the frame is itself unsinkable. Its lenses are much clearer than any other lenses that are available in the market at this price point. Rheos Coopers Floating Polarized Sunglasses is extremely lightweight and most of the time, you would not even realize that you are wearing them.

2. Limitless Fishing Floating Sunglasses

Tired of losing sunglasses every now and then while kayaking? Well, you just need to put your trust in this pair of Limitless Fishing Floating Sunglasses. It floats on the water and thus minimizing the chances of losing them while meandering through the mazes of a river. The frame is made from TPX Polymer that helps it cut down in its weight and increases its buoyancy to a great extent. Limitless Fishing Floating Sunglasses is definitely not fragile and can take a blow or two without getting broken in the process. You can wear it all day and you will not feel any discomfort whatsoever.

You simply can’t deny the fact that Limitless Fishing Floating Sunglasses has got a classy and sporty look. The lenses are strong and can block UV rays successfully.

3. RUNCL Polarized Floating Sunglasses

RUNCL Polarized Floating Sunglasses is virtually unsinkable since it is made from TPX, a well-known Japanese floating material that is now widely being used to manufacture premium quality floating sunglasses. Its polarized lens will block reflective lights and cut down on glare to a great extent. You can expect superior performance from this pair of RUNCL Polarized Floating Sunglasses even underwater.

RUNCL Polarized Floating Sunglasses comes fitted with injected hinges that help to expand its lifespan. The color and the coating have managed to stay intact even when the sunglasses go under the Cross-Cut Adhesion Test. Rugged and durable, RUNCL Polarized Floating Sunglasses sport an Ergonomic Design and its wrap-style frames ensures great fitting no matter what is the shape of your face is. It will keep your face protected at all cost and it has got a stylish look and feel which is just an added advantage.

To prevent slippage, soft-touch nose pads are used in this RUNCL Polarized Floating Sunglasses. Have you got sick and tired of dealing with side glares? Well, you don’t have to anymore. Its wide temple will block side glares successfully.

4. Cressi Ninja & Ninja Floating Adult Sport Sunglasses

Cressi Ninja & Ninja Floating Adult Sport Sunglasses are ideal for running, fishing, and kayaking. In short, if you love spending more time outdoor, you need to get your hands on this pair of Cressi Ninja & Ninja Floating Adult Sport Sunglasses. Comfortable to wear, Cressi Ninja & Ninja Floating Adult Sport Sunglasses are made from lightweight material that allows it to float freely on the water. 

Visual clarity is ensured by its TAC polarized lenses. Be it below the surface of the water or above the surface, Cressi Ninja & Ninja Floating Adult Sport Sunglasses offer superior performance. You will be able to get a clear picture of the underwater objects once you put on this pair of floating sunglasses. Cressi Ninja & Ninja Floating Adult Sport Sunglasses has got treated with WRH and this is what has made them water-repellent.

The best thing about this – Cressi Ninja & Ninja Floating Adult Sport Sunglasses is shatter-proof. That means, you don’t have to worry about your eyes get pierced by broken glasses should you face an unfortunate accident. Water does stay on the surface of the lens for long and this is definitely one of its major advantages.

5. Honu Floating Sunglasses

Honu Floating Sunglasses is mainly designed for those adventure-seekers who like to spend more time on the water than on the land. Honu Floating Sunglasses will keep your eyes protected no matter what. Offering 100% protection from UV rays, Honu Floating Sunglasses offers great fittings and is extremely lightweight.

TPX plastic technology is used in the making of Honu Floating Sunglasses and this is what has made this pair of sunglasses virtually unsinkable. With this pair of sunglasses on, you will be able to experience the water in a never before way. The lenses are UB protected and are treated with anti-glare technology. These lenses will keep your eyes protected against all odds. Honu Floating Sunglasses can be worn all day and that too without facing any discomfort. Its “cloud-like” frames endow it with an elegant look and feel.

6. Ideal Eyewear Polarized Floating Sunglasses

Ideal Eyewear Polarized Floating Sunglasses is your best bet when it comes to keeping your eyes safe during a kayaking escapade. In case, you drop it somehow in the middle of a kayaking trip, you can easily retrieve it as it floats on the water.  Your eyes will be protected from the UV rays of the sun and these Ideal Eyewear Polarized Floating Sunglasses are shatter-proof.  Ideal Eyewear Polarized Floating Sunglasses are ideal for fishing and kayaking.

7. MERRY’S Polarized Wooden Coated Floating Sunglasses

MERRY’S Polarized Wooden Coated Floating Sunglasses offers both comfort and protection without burning a hole in your pocket. MERRY’S Polarized Wooden Coated Floating Sunglasses is powerful enough to ward off the glares that tend to get reflected from waterbodies. It does not distort the true colors of the outside world and that means, you will get to see the ‘real’ world while keeping your eyes safe from harmful UVB rays. No matter what the shape of your face is, MERRY’S Polarized Wooden Coated Floating Sunglasses provide a snug fit.  

About polarized lenses

Kayakers are recommended to wear polarized lenses for having clearer vision and reducing the impact of the sun’s glare. Polarized lenses are specialized lenses that permit unfiltered vertical light to pass through the eyes. Moreover, they prevent speckled horizontal light from entering the eyes.

As such, they help in reducing the amount of glare that is refracted into your eyes, particularly from the facade of the water. In turn, you can view the surface below the water’s surface and spot and avoid rocks while enjoying a ride in your kayak.

Straps matter

In many cases, kayakers choose to take a dip in the waters when travelling in kayaks over the waters. Here, the ideal sunglasses are the ones having a strap containing small air pockets, or attached foam blocks are your best option. Also, they keep your sunglasses afloat, and within easy reach, in the event that your boat capsizes and you lose them.

More so, floating sunglasses with stainless steel hinges are a popular choice among kayakers, because the sunglasses do not rust or corrode when exposed to salt water then.

Protect your eyes

When heading out in the waters in your kayak, your eyes are at risk because of the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Yes, the UV beams fall on the water and reflect back, which heightens the amount of UV radiation reaching your eyes.

As per the American Academy of Ophthalmology, you should protect your eyes by donning sunglasses through the summer (more importantly, when in the waters) because the sun’s UVA and UVB radiation is three times higher during summertime as compared to wintertime. More so, with sunglasses, you can prevent salt water from getting into your eyes. In turn, you can see the waters clearly as you steer along the unruly waters.

Consider vented sunglasses

If you are planning on indulging in summer sports (such as ocean kayaking), then having vented sunglasses is advisable. These sunglass varieties are fitted with perforated frames and lenses which allow the circulation of cool air beneath the lens and, in turn, prevent condensation on the lens. More so, they help in evaporating your sweat before it reaches your eyes.

Fog-proof coatings on the surface of the lens are another aspect to consider for keeping your vision clear when the surrounding temperature starts heating up.

Best Floating Sunglasses Buying Guide

Here are some other important aspects to consider when selecting floating sunglasses for your kayak-based tours.

1. Size

When seeking the right-sized sunglasses, you need to study few aspects. First, inspect where the eyes of the sunglasses are positioned. You want them to be of the same width as your face for your eyes to align with the center of the lens. To do so, only measure the distance between your eye pupils and follow by comparing with the selected sunglasses; both should be the same.

Next, you should check the bridge piece of your old sunglasses and try getting similar ones. Make sure the bridge is not extremely small or your nose could get pinched; and if overly big, they could fall easily and scratch your skin.

2. Different types of lens

With a large variety of lens available, choosing the lens that serves your needs can be difficult. Even so, in the following details, you can find some tips that could come handy during the selection process.

Blue-Blocker Lenses

For blocking blue light, blue-locker lenses are effective. Note that if you remain exposed to blue light for a long time, you become prone to macular degeneration. Thus, consider blue-blocker lenses as eye protection gear when wading in the waters.

Blue blocker lenses are extremely popular in the surf and sports community – including among boaters and snowboarders.

Polarized Lenses

When engaging in water-sports, to help trim the sun’s reflective beam, you can opt to wear polarized lenses. Apart from being harmful, the sun’s rays can be distracting when riding on a wave. And polarized lenses can help in thwarting the harmful effects of sunlight.

Mirror-Coated Lenses

Mirror-coated lenses are lenses having a reflective material coating towards the front. All the same, they help in reducing the amount of light entering your eyes. And if spending long hours outdoors, you must consider using sunglasses having mirror-coated lenses because they offer the required protection to the eyes.

They are similar to flash or multi-colored rainbow coating that you see on reflective sunglasses.

3. Durability

Wearing sunglasses is advisable when you’re surfing, swimming, or indulging in other water sports. However, you must get a pair that can protect your eyes during mishaps or accidents as well. At times, you can get poked in the eye, or a surfboard can hit your face, or your optic nerve could get damaged. In such cases, consider getting polycarbonate frames when planning on playing sports; they are impact-resistant and offer the requisite eye protection.

4. Shape

Taking the shape of your face into consideration is important when choosing sunglasses, too. Where people having oval faces are concerned, their feature ratio is fairly uniform due to which many sunglasses suit them.

In cases of people having sharper faces with well-defined angles, the round glasses can help in balancing their features. For people with round faces, the opposite applies.

And if you have a heart-shaped face, opt for frames that are wider towards the bottom for balancing your facial features.

5. Cost

Financial considerations are important during your shopping expeditions. However, if you are on a budget, then the most important aspect to consider is whether the floating sunglasses offer protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

On the other hand, if you do not have any financial constraints, then go for the ones that are both functional and stylish.

6. Style

As mentioned earlier, if you have the budget, then give importance to style. Surely, you do not sunglasses that are not stylish. You may want versatile floating sunglasses that are suitable for all types of occasions. Heading home from the pool and running late for dinner with your girlfriend? Lucky you have modish floating shades that serve as a fashionable accessory too.

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