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Best Kayak Racks for Jeep Cherokee

Best Kayak Racks For Jeep Cherokee

Jeep Cherokees are one of the most popular vehicles on the road today. With their rugged and adventurous style, they make a great choice for anyone that loves to get out into nature. But what if you need to bring your kayak along? You might have trouble fitting it in the back with all your other gear! That’s where Jeep Cherokee Kayak Racks come in handy. They’re specifically designed to mount to your vehicle and give you a place to securely store your kayaks as well as any fishing poles or other gear that will fit. So before heading out on an adventure, be sure you’ve got yourself a set of these awesome Jeep Cherokee Kayak racks!

Best 6 Kayak Racks for Jeep Cherokee

1. Malone Downloader Folding J-Style Universal Car Rack

Stop fumbling to load your kayak and take the Malone J-style Universal Car Rack for a spin. Built with fold down technology for increased overhead clearance, this kayak rack also offers a large selection of mounting options to accommodate most vehicles and different styles of cross rails. This product features oversized padding to protect boats during transport, so you don’t have to worry about it getting scratched or worse while you’re on the go. And the JAWZ hardware is corrosion resistant so you can confidently expect your attachment system without any issues making sure each trip will be safe. Add Telos Load Assist for an additional safety measure if desired – it’s easy to switch! The Cam style load straps will stay secure even over bumpy terrain.

2. Thule Hull-a-Port Aero Rooftop Kayak Carrier

Access the ocean anytime. The Thule Hull-a-Port Aero Rooftop Kayak Carrier carries and transports kayaks, stand up paddleboards, or any other small boat on your vehicle’s roof with ease. Whether you are looking to carry one SUP or two, this racks works in three different modes: single saddle, stacker (two), and J-style for a single kayak. A padded upright protects unsightly scuff marks from nearby objects that could otherwise scratch delicate water craft surfaces like hulls and decks! And thanks to straps inside the carrier as well as integrated StrapCatch loop located at the top of the product that helps ensure strapping is always easy no matter what size load you are planning to carry this time around.

3. IKURAM Kayak Rack

Let’s take your kayaking experience to the next level. Introducing IKURAM Kayak Rack, made out of high quality metal and rubber with great durability, this product is a must buy for any kayaker looking to safely transport their prized possession. This accessory beautifully secures your kayak on top of your vehicle without damaging it- perfect for extended journeys! It includes Native Paddle Holders as an extra bonus which keeps you paddles accessible. A combination of features like its J-style carrier and oversized rubber saddles has made it easy for installation onto vehicles that have round or square factory installed cross rails.

4. Thule Hull-a-Port XT Rooftop Kayak Carrier

Go kayaking with ease and rooftop style when you use the Thule Hull-a-Port XT Rooftop Kayak Carrier. is versatile rooftop carrier stores flat when not in use and is designed to hold one or two kayaks in style. It features dual position designs that can transform from a J-cradle to a two boat stacker, giving you optimal versatility when loading up. The dual position design of the Carries can hold one or two kayaks while remaining stable on your crossbars without interfering with other items strapped to them. With adjustable straps and buckle bumpers for each boat, it’s easy to strap down and securely transport even difficult or large kayaks through rugged terrain considerably faster than loading them into the back of a minivan!

5. Thule Hullavator Pro Rooftop Kayak Carrier

When life takes you to the water, don’t let your car get in the way. With Thule’s Hullavator Pro Rooftop Kayak Carrier, you can load and unload your kayak without having to use a ladder or leave it on the ground. This high-quality tool features an easy manual lockout system that doubles as a carrying handle for additional convenience! Gas-assist struts lift and lower 40 lbs of weight with just one hand. Its arm extends out to 8 total points of padded support for maximum protection against scratching up those expensive whitewater boats. The sleek black powder coat clamps are corrosion-resistant, perfect for saltwater environments like San Francisco Bay etc.

6. Thule HullaPort Pro Rooftop Kayak Carrier

The Thule Hullaport Pro rooftop kayak carrier is a stylish and user-friendly way to transport your kayaks. Traditional carriers often block the headlight, but this model has improved overhead clearance so you can see in front of you while travelling. The “J” profile makes loading it with ease. With two ratcheting bow and stern tie downs and two straps with buckle protectors, the Hullaport Pro gives added security for transporting even larger craft without compromising space on top of the load bars or rack system compared to traditional bulkier designs that take up so much precious room. It accommodates kayaks up to 34 inches wide and 75 pounds—making trips go faster!

How do I install kayak racks on my Jeep Cherokee 

Installing kayak racks on your Jeep Cherokee is very easy. Once you’ve chosen the perfect set of kayak racks, be sure to carefully read through the instructions and follow them closely. Next, measure the distance from one end of your vehicle’s roof line to where you want it mounted. Finally, attach a mounting bracket onto each side with screws that are included in your rack hardware kit and then slide on either two or four rubber coated support pads (depending on how many brackets you have). From there, all that’s left is securing any gear using tie-down straps!

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