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Best Kayak Roof Rack For Cars Without Rails

Best Kayak Roof Rack For Cars Without Rails

Transporting a kayak on the roof of your car does not have to be complicated. But sometimes, it does get a bit complicated when your car does not have any rails installed on its roof. If your car does not have any roof already installed on it, don’t feet disappointed because there are hundreds of different varieties of Kayak roof racks for cars without rails available in the market. These kayak racks that can be installed on the roof of your car even when the rails are missing. They are easy to install and does not need you to drill any holes.

Best 6 Kayaks Roof Racks for Cars
That Don’t Have Rails

1. Alavente Universal Roof Rack

Alavente Universal Roof Rack is made from aircraft-grade Aluminum that adds to its strength and longevity. Alavente Universal Roof Rack will your car protected from accidental scratches. Alavente Universal Roof Rack helps to take off weight from the roof of your car since this kayak roof rack is incredibly lightweight. However, just because it is lightweight, it does not mean that it is not that strong rather it is just the opposite. Alavente Universal Roof Rack is known for its amazing adaptability and adjustability.

Equipped with an innovative anti-theft lock, Alavente Universal Roof Rack is also easy to install. To eliminate vibration, Rubber gaskets are included in it. It can work seamlessly with almost all types of roof accessories; use T-bolts in case, you are finding it hard to get this thing attached to a particular roof accessory.

The maximum load capacity of Alavente Universal Roof Rack is somewhere around 75kg which is more than enough.

2. Seah Hardware Universal Roof Rack

Seah Hardware Universal Roof Rack is one of those few kayak racks available in the market that come attached with straps that go around the car. The best thing about this kayak roof rack is that it is very easy to install and taking it off also does not take long. It stops your kayak from rattling while driving in the highways which is a big plus.

The rack gets attached to the rooftop. But to secure that firmly in its position, you need to make proper use of its straps. Through the car’s door frame goes the straps and thus allowing you to transport your kayak even if your vehicle does not have any rails installed.

However, there is a downside of Seah Hardware Universal Roof Rack and that is – you can’t get it installed on a two-door car because (there is no easy way to put this) the space between two bars is very small. Thankfully, the crossbars are highly adjustable and flexible. You can get them installed and uninstalled in a matter of a few minutes.

3. Malone VersaRail Bare Roof Cross Rail Rack

You don’t have to do anything drastic to transform the roof of your car so that it can allow you to transport your kayak without developing a single scratch in the process. Transporting kayak has never been this easy and the entire credit goes to Malone VersaRail Bare Roof Cross Rail Rack. Malone VersaRail Bare Roof Cross Rail Rack beats its competitors hands down. You can easily increase the surface area on the roof of your car by distributing the suction cups evenly so that the weight gets evenly distributed in the process.

The best thing about Malone VersaRail Bare Roof Cross Rail Rack is that they don’t make much noise during the transportation process.

  • A wrench is provided hence you need no additional tools for assembly
  • Load bar coating is corrosion resistant
  • Most rack accessories can fit in its rectangular shape
  • Available with a load capacity of 135 lbs, its available with ready to install feature and is delivered absolutely accurate and complete
  • Vacuum tower bases promise a pulling strength of 75 lbs alongside safety attachment straps with a wider dimension of 1.5”.

4. HandiRack Universal Inflatable Roof Rack Bars

HandiRack Universal Inflatable Roof Rack Bars come equipped with a HandiPump that allows you to inflate the twin bladders in a matter of a few seconds. HandiRack Universal Inflatable Roof Rack Bars allow you to safely transport all your outdoor gears be it a kayak or heavy mountain bike.

Included are two heavy-duty tie-downs that is 9.8 feet long. It also has got two HandiRack twin tubes that help cushion impacts while driving on bumpy roads. A nylon drawstring travel bag is provided so that you can tuck this HandiRack Universal Inflatable Roof Rack inside it when not in use.

To help you tie down the kayak from the front and back of the car, Bow & Stern lines also provided. This makes the journey safer and eliminates the possibility of accidental falls. HandiRack Universal Inflatable Roof Rack Bars can carry up to 175 lbs load safely without jeopardizing the overall stability of the load during the transportation process.

5. Universal Car Rooftop Rack Cross Bars

Fieryred universal crossbars are easy to mount to the side rails of any vehicle that is ‘raised’ and it beautifully expands the overall carrying capacity. Fieryred is a strong, durable, and highly reliable kayak roof rack that you can use to transport your most favorite kayak without worrying to death about possible damage.

It is suitable and fits well for most of the vehicles that come with the feature of elevated side rails and gaps, there should not be more than 62’’ span between the side rails. Other benefits include its easy installation feature and stress-free removal of the assembly.

Your bars are being protected with anti-theft locking systems that is an essential feature here. Available with unique keys in 2 PCS for almost all the crossbars for roof racks. The rest will not have the same keys. You can keep the extra keys in the toolbox of your vehicle or simply ask someone trustworthy enough to preserve them for you so that you can access them when the first one goes missing.

Fieryred universal Rooftop kayak Rack is made from aluminum and that means, it is well protected from abrasion and corrosion. No matter how bad the weather gets, you can rest assured that this Fieryred universal Rooftop kayak Rack will continue to serve you well.

All essential hardware included, no assembly or tools are required, these are easy to install. Raised side rails are attached to clamp design easily.

6. Auxmart Universal Roof Rack

Auxmart Universal Roof Rack is the best kayak roof rack that you can have at this price point. To prevent damage to the car paint, rubber pads are placed under the bottom of this Auxmart Universal Roof Rack. Installation of cargo boxes, bike carriers, and multiple ranges of rooftop accessories is possible with crossbars.

Your vehicle is safe against scratches and other damages with padded clips available with 3 pairs. Skidproof rubber strap and car window frames are other additional benefits.

Lightweight, durable, and premium aluminum construction with 150 lbs load capacity promotes even distribution of load.  Gear gets a lot of space.

No requirement for side rails, cutting, or drilling, you get all required installation tools in the package. All this makes it easy to assemble and disassemble within just a few minutes.

Transporting a Kayak Without a Roof Rack

Transporting a kayak without roof rack is not rocket science but sometimes people over complicate things and ultimately, everything starts falling apart at the end. Just because your car does not have any roof rack installed, it does not mean that you have to drill a hole on the roof of your car. Nope, there are other ways to transport your kayak. Allow us to break it down for you –

Transport a kayak using a compact car without roof rack

Show how to transport a kayak using a compact car without a roof rack at the best safety.

Parts You Will Need

You will need these two parts in order to transport your kayak safely on the roof of your car –

1. Ratchet Straps

Also known as Cam buckle, Ratchet Straps are mainly used for tying things and are equipped with appropriate items to allow you to transport things securely. Cam buckles are usually attached to adjustable buckles and they are primarily made from hard-wearing nylon so that you can place it around the kayak and or any other object for that matter. You need to tighten them up a little bit to keep the object in place during the transportation process.

2. Pool Noodles

Simply put, pool noodles are hollowed cylindrical objects and they are primarily made from polyethylene foam. You can easily spot these pool noodles in any nearby hardware stores. Since they are elastic, you can use them to tie down your kayak on the roof of your car in the absence of rail.

4 Steps To Transport Your Kayak Without A Roof Rail

So, it looks like you have got both the ratchet straps and pool noodles. Now, follow these 4 steps carefully to transport a kayak on the roof of your car even if it does not have a roof rail –

Step 1: Find A Place to Secure the Pool Noodles on The Roof Of Your Car

Pool Noodles are available in different shapes and sizes. Not all Pool Noodles can be used for tying up your kayak. Protruding parts of the pool noodles should be trimmed carefully once you have placed them across the roof of the car. Pool noodles create the base on which you can place your kayak and they will keep your kayaks from harm’s way during the transportation process. Maintain a distance of at least 3 feet between one pool noodle and another so that they can protect your kayak from abrasion.

Now you might be wondering how many Pool Noodles your car needs. Well, it all boils down to one thing and that is the approximate size of the roof the vehicle. So, the pool noodles are attached to the roof, securely right? Well, that is reassuring. Now, in the next step, you will have to run a Cam buckle through the open door of your car and then stretch it through the hole of the pool noodle.

Step 2: Place The kayak on the Top of Pool Noodle

In the next step, you will have to lift the kayak and place it on the top of your vehicle. Now, if the kayak is heavy, you might have to ask your buddy to give you a hand. The kayak should be placed face down. Don’t worry, pool noodles are there to keep your kayak safe from all the damages.

Step 3: Use Straps to Tie Down Your Kayak

In this stage, we will have to open the front and rear door of our cars and then run one end of the ratchet strap over the kayak. Now, the straps should be attached to one another inside the vehicle. The straps should be twisted a little bit otherwise you might have to deal with a lot of noise while driving. This step should be repeated for both the front and rear sides of the kayaks.

Step 4: Secure the Bow and Stern

Now, we have already stopped the kayak from making side to side movements during the transport by using the straps, we will have to make sure that the kayak does not slide down in the front or the back. Use ratchet straps and attach its one end to the carry handle of the kayak and attach the other end to the car’s tie-down spot. Do the same for the rear and everything will be just fine.

Last modified: May 11, 2020