Transporting a kayak on the roof of your car does not have to be complicated. But sometimes, it does get a bit complicated when your car does not have any rails installed on its roof. If your car does not have any roof already installed on it, don’t feet disappointed because there are hundreds of different varieties of Kayak roof racks for cars without rails available in the market. These kayak racks that can be installed on the roof of your car even when the rails are missing. They are easy to install and does not need you to drill any holes.

1. Seah Hardware Universal Roof Rack Cross-Bars

It can fit almost all the four-door cars without the side rails; the straps go over the door frames by attaching racks on the rooftop. It can fit almost all four-door cars with the side rails of heights lesser than 6.4cm measured from the roof, the distance between the roof of the car to the bottom of the bar being somewhere around 6.5cm. It’s possible to get it installed on the two-door car as it has a small room between both the bars in two-door vehicles.

In the case of the sliding door, if it’s not upper fixation, it is possible to get fitted since the tie-down is expected to go down all through the car. It is available with the pair of 48” crossbars. With the help of a heavy-duty steel tube, it promises more strength, safety, and durability. This product also has high-quality crossbars that are highly adjustable. It can be easily installed in a few minutes and possible to disassemble in a few seconds.

Tie-down with good and durable waterproof rachet BUT DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN. With 1800lbs ratchet tie down, it is possible to ensure that the roof bar will just remain firm on the car top. These crossbars are superb for any situation and can get all your favorite things right in place no matter what it is for, kayak, ladder or mountain bike.

  • Straps go through door frames and attach racks on the rooftop
  • Fits almost all four-door cars without the side rails
  • Can be installed on two-door vehicles
  • Available with pair of crossbars 48’’ and stand durable, strong and safe with heavy-duty steel tube. 4 PC 1/4″ x 2″ screw and 4 PC 1/4″ lock nut available.
  • Adjustable crossbars in position. It can be installed in a few minutes and disassembled in a few seconds.
  • Tie-down waterproof ratchet.
  • 1800lbs ratchet tie down keeps roof bar all firm on car top. Crossbars can get your favorite things into place, kayak, ladder, mountain bike or just anywhere.

2. ALAVENTE Universal Roof Rack Cross Bar

ALAVENTE adjustable universal roof rack crossbars system is available with anti-theft lock and usually applies to car and automobile models with 35’ (89 cm) – 48-1/4” 9(122.5cm), car roof width (make sure that the following size fits your vehicle before making the final purchase or order accordingly).

Protection of vehicle and higher quality Aluminum construction

It comes with high quality and durable four rubber pads clips that protect vehicles from ugly scratches and damages. The design further features a reliable and rigid aluminum body that can cut down on excess weight without having to sacrifice strength in any matter.

Easy and quick installation

Versatile and useful self-adaptive base feet can fit car roof arc well for holding crossbar perfectly. Rubber gaskets are also included in the product package that has the ability to efficiently relieve vibration of any kind and avoid the possibility of car paint damage on the roof.

Wider range utilities

Compatible with just any kind of roof accessories available with T-bolts such as the cargo basket carrier, luggage box, snowboard/bike rack, kayak mount, etc. (It is also possible to get the rubber strap removed where you can see T-bolts slot).

Higher load capacity

165lbs / 75kg load capacity guaranteed no matter what it is for, mountain bike, kayak or skis, these crossbars can easily and effectively get all your favorite toys right at the place where all the fun is likely to happen.

Don’t give it a miss!

3. Malone VersaRail Bare Roof Cross Rail Rack

The VersaRail has the potential to transform the bare roof into usable and functional platforms for multiple purposes like kayaks, cargo boxes, canoes or bike transportation. These racks are durable and reliable in the long run and are available in ready to install form and come perfectly assembled. It also includes twin cup vacuum towers along with attachment straps that measure 1.5’’. Limited warranty for Five-years.

  • Wrench is provided and hence no additional tools should be required.
  • Load bar coating available and that’s corrosion-resistant too.
  • Rectangular shapes are suitable for the maximum number of rack accessories available.
  • Ready to install and complete 135lb load capacity guaranteed.
  • Vacuum tower bases with a pull strength of almost 75lb available.
  • Safety attachment straps with a measurement of 1.5’’ are available with the product package.

4. HandiRack Universal Inflatable Roof Rack Bars

It is a high quality and reliable inflatable vehicle rack that carries multiple types of accessories and gears. It has the potential to make a great and amazing CANOE RACK, KAYAK RACK, SURFBOARD RACK, SUP RACK, and WINTER SPORTS RACK. Another important feature is that it is lightweight and yet capable of performing a heavy-duty. It can bear a load capacity of almost 175lbs and has the right certification to be used for higher highway speeds.

Easy and quick to install

No tools are required. It is possible to secure the twin-bars to roof through the help of a fitting strap that can be passed through the doors of your vehicle. Strap will fasten with a cam buckle that is further capable of performing heavy-duty and is extremely reliable in the long run. Please watch the video to get an idea about the installation process. The user manual also included with the product package.

Universal roof bars are also available. No gutters or side rails are required. It can fit into Compact, Sedan, Station Wagon, MPV, SUV, Crossover, 4×4, 2, 3, 4 or 5 door vehicles with ease. Not suited for vehicles that have curtain airbags and soft tops. Please keep in mind that it should not be left into the vehicle when not in use.

This product has already been used on multiple vehicle brands that include AUDI BMW BUICK CHEVROLET DODGE FORD HONDA HYUNDAI JEEP KIA MAZDA MERCEDES MITSUBISHI NISSAN SMART SUBARU SUZUKI TOYOTA VW. Please feel free to contact the HandiWorld if you are not sure about the compatibility of the product with your vehicles.

Product package also includes 2 x HandiRack twin-tubes, each available with 5D ring anchor points, alongside it has 2 x 9.8ft tie-down HandiStraps available with high-volume and reliable Handipump used for inflating bladders. The instruction manual is also available with the package that also includes travel bags for easy and comfortable storage. STERN LINES and BOW are included too.

5. Universal Car Rooftop Rack Cross Bars

EXPANDED CARRYING CAPACITY: Simply get FIERYRED universal crossbars mounted to the side rails that are raised in your vehicle and you will find out how easy it is to expand its carrying capacity. A very useful addition serving the purpose just right for sporting events, camping, vacation travel and lots more.

ADJUSTABLE DESIGNS: It can fit most of the vehicles that come with raised side rails even if that includes the gap. Maximum 62’’ gap between the side rails, easy and quick installation and removal is plus.

SAFETY: It comes with anti-theft locking systems that will ultimately provide huge safety and security to your vehicles and protects your bars like nothing else. Available with 2 PCS unique keys for each and every roof rack crossbar. No one will have the same keys. Other spare keys can be kept in a vehicle within its toolbox. Someone else can also preserve it for an emergency in the future, which we pray should barely be faced. We bet no one has the exact reliable features to match.

DURABLE: Universal crossbars are weatherproof are made of aluminum materials that are corrosion resistant and can face even harsh and extreme weather conditions.

EASY TO INSTALL: With almost all the hardware options included and absolutely no tools or assembly needed, universal crossbars can be easily installed and put to use without a mess. Clamp design also easily attaches to most of the raised side rails.

6. AUXMART Universal Roof Rack Adjustable


It can universally fit most of the vehicles without requiring the need for any kind of side rails. It can apply to multiple numbers of vehicles that come with a car roof available with a width of anything lesser than 1220 mm (48’’). Crossbars can easily provide a foundation for bike carriers installation and are perfectly suited for installing cargo boxes and various other rooftop accessories.


The padded clips that are available in 3 pairs contribute to protecting vehicles against multiple scratches and damage. Hooks done on frames of car windows that come with a rubber strap which is skid-proof. 


It is made of premium quality of aluminum that promises durability and is lightweight. With an evenly distributed load, it can bear a load capacity of almost 150lbs. It can also provide a lot of space to vehicle gears.


No cutting or drilling needed and no side rails required. Available with useful and reliable installation tools easy to assemble or disassemble that won’t take more than a few minutes.