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Kayaking In La Jolla: All You Need To Know

Kayaking In La Jolla

Kayaking in open water has a charm of its own, so say the hardcore kayaking lovers! If you are among such people, just head to LA Jolla. It is a pretty and serene community located in northwest San Diego. La Jolla Shores are frequented by families and the caves are thronged by nature-loving tourists. It is liked mostly for calm waters and wildlife. There are several local tour agencies and they can arrange things. The natural bounty and diversity can be mind-blowing.

The La Jolla Coast

The La Jolla coast is amazing and the underwater park is something you should not miss exploring. The area is protected and so fishing is not allowed. The park covers an area of approx. 6000 acres. The landscape can be so varied. There are deep submarine canyons and kelp bed. You also get to explore rocky reef shallows and sandy pits. These are clearly visible to kayakers on bright days. You can also see the colourful fish species in the clear water.

The 7 Caves in La Jolla

There are sandstone-based caves at La Jolla that may leave you just mesmerized. The caves like Clam’s Cave, Little Sister, Sunny Jim Cave, and Sea Surprize are very popular. They can be explored using a kayak barring Sunny Jim. Clam Cave is where you can kayak easily. Near the caves, you will come across marine wildlife. There are species like dolphins, cute whales, and leopard sharks. The abundance and variety of underwater foliage can also make you stunned.

The Marine Life refuge

The Marine Life Refuge was established back in 1929. It was set up for research purposes but you may fish and explore the region. Again, be ready to witness plenty of marine wildlife including sea lions and dolphins. Some of these animals are not so afraid of humans as you will see.

What About The Tour Companies?

Even if you have not been to La Jolla earlier, there is nothing to worry about. There are a number of companies in this region that arrange kayaking tours. They can also teach you about the nuances of kayaking. Some of them even offer combination tours. You may also rent a kayak if you do not need training. The kids below 6 years however are not allowed in tours.

The Best Time To Kayak In La Jolla

Most people opt for kayaking tours in la Jolla on weekends and holidays. However, on the weekdays and in off-seasons, you will experience fewer people. With fewer people around, the birds can be seen in abundance. If you are a bird lover too, watching the majestic cormorants and pelicans can be a nice experience. For whale watching while kayaking, head to La Jolla between the months November to February.

What You Need To Bring

Kayaking in La Jolla can be a fun and enjoyable experience. However, you will need to carry a few items to stay safe and comfortable. The summer months can be pretty hot here. So, you will need to bring plenty of sunscreens. Wearing apt swimwear will also be necessary. For the sake of safety, carry antiseptic lotion or cream. Using a life jacket is also necessary. Some people also keep rash guards. If you bring a camera, cell phone and other stuff, keep a waterproof bag.

Last modified: November 13, 2020