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Best 8 Outboard Motor Brackets

Outboard Motor Brackets

Just having a powerful kayak motor is not the end of the job. To ensure that the motor is secured to the boat, you need to invest some money on an outboard motor bracket. There are so many things that a kicker Motor Bracket has to deal with like – vibrations, corrosion, torque, etc and that means, you simply can’t rely on an ordinary Outboard Motor Bracket. You need to find an Outboard Motor Bracket that is strong enough to carry the weight of a heavy motor quite successfully.

Listed are top 10 outboard kicker motor brackets of different price points –

What Role Does an Outboard Motor Bracket Play?

Aside from keeping your motor secured to the boat, an outboard motor bracket helps increase the life expectancy of the motor itself by providing it with a stable and secure platform to operate on.

Since you have already invested a lot of money to purchase a powerful motor, it makes sense that you should not settle for anything less while searching for an outboard motor bracket. Without having a strong and robust motor bracket in place, you might have a hard time to accommodate the immense weight of the motor.

Moreover, the low quality outboard motor bracket can have a serious impact on the overall performance and the lifespan of the motor itself. A well-built outboard motor bracket absorbs the vibration and thus saves the motor parts from getting damaged.

Best outboard Motor Brackets

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To make your job easier, here we are going to review the industry’s best outboard motor brackets –

1. Garelick 71074:01 Stationary Outboard Motor Bracket

Well-built and rock solid, Garelick 71074:01 Stationary Outboard Motor Bracket is a no-nonsense product. It is not that heavy and that means, it will not put too much pressure on the transom. The direction provided is very easy to follow which is a relief. Don’t start drilling holes in your boat as soon as the product gets delivered to your home or office. You need to be 100% sure where you want this Outboard Motor Bracket to be before you start drilling like crazy.


  • Stainless Steel Brackets
  • Provides support up to 15 H.P motors
  • Poly Mounting Board
  • Just 7lbs weight
  • 8 1/2 ” dimension


  • No fasteners included
  • It is not adjustable

2. Garelick/EEz-In Adjustable Outboard Motor Bracket

Garelick/EEz-In Adjustable Outboard Motor Bracket is lightweight and that means, you can easily lift it off and change its position whenever you want. To counterbalance the weight of the motor, the company has equipped the Garelick/EEz-In Adjustable Outboard Motor Bracket with stainless steel springs. To give the motor’s overall performance a shot in the arm, transom angle adjustment has been included. Maximum weight capacity of this motor bracket is 115 lbs which is more than enough.


  • It is an adjustable outboard motor bracket.
  • No matter what type of motor you have, its extra-wide mounting board can accommodate wider motor locking clamp.
  • 20 HP motor can be mounted.


  • Limited space between the lock and mount.

3. Brocraft Deck Mount Trolling Motor Bracket

Easy to install and sparkling clean, Brocraft Deck Mount Trolling Motor Bracket holds the motor firmly. Ideal for electric trolling motors, this motor bracket is made from marine grade aluminum that adds to its strength. It can hold on to your precious trolling motor no matter what. However, the bolts are very short; just 1 inch long. Now if you add washes on top of that, there will be very little room left to add nuts. A quick fix would be visiting a nearby hardware store.


  • Two years of limited warranty.
  • Made from high-quality materials.
  • Lightweight; weighs just 3.3 pounds.


  • Blots are too shorts
  • No quick release pins

4. Panther 55-0407AL Aluminum Lightweight 4-Stroke Bracket

Be it a 4 Stroke Engine 15hp or a 2 Stroke Engine 20hp, Panther 55-0407AL Aluminum Lightweight 4-Stroke Bracket can easily withstand the torque output. It has a maximum weight capacity of 132 pounds which is more than enough. It is made from hard-coat anodized aluminum that adds to its strength and its impressive overall performance. Modern-day four-stroke engines produce a lot of torque and which is why the company has gone extra miles to make this bracket as strong as possible. Aside from providing higher torque rating, Twist-knob safety locks help you securing the bracket no matter what. To make lifting easy, stainless-steel torsion springs are included in the design and this is what helps the bracket to counterbalance the weight of the motor.


  • Extremely easy to install.
  • Instructions included.
  • Stainless-steel torsion springs allow easy lifting.
  • Well-built and heavy duty.


  • Lifting is a bit complicated. The lifting apparatus might interfere with the carrying handle.

5. Amarine-made Stainless Steel Outboard Auxiliary Motor Bracket

Amarine-made Stainless Steel Outboard Auxiliary Motor Bracket allows users to lower or raise the outboard without facing any issue whatsoever. You don’t have to put too much efforts while raising it which is a plus. Moreover, it is extremely adjustable in nature that makes it one of the best outboard motor brackets available in the market. Tightening the nuts and bolts should not be a big issue. And why on earth you should purchase an Aluminum Bracket when a better-quality stainless-steel bracket is available at the same price point? Does not make any sense, right?


  • 4 vertical positions
  • Adjustable in nature
  • Reinforced welded frame
  • Maximum Weight capacity is 52kg


  • No instructions attached.

6. Amarine Marine Outboard Auxiliary Boat Motor Bracket

Amarine Marine Outboard Auxiliary Boat Motor Bracket is ideal medium-sized yachts, large kayaks, and small powerboats. You can fit a 2-stroke motors 20 HP without making any kind of compromise on the stability of the boat in one way or the other. Maximum weight capacity of Amarine Marine Outboard Auxiliary Boat Motor Bracket is 115lbs or 52kg which is more than enough. Its wide body adds to the overall stability. Marine grade anodized aluminum frame endows it with a remarkable level of strength. The springs are made from stainless steel that ensures its long shelf life. Lowering and lifting have never been this easy. The weight of the motor gets counterbalanced by the springs.


  • 5 different vertical positions
  • Easy installation.
  • Reinforced welded frame


  • Sometimes, you might find it hard to raise the motor up.

7. M-ARINE BABY Outboard Motor Mounting Bracket

Suitable for 2-stroke motors 7 1/2 HP motor, M-ARINE BABY Outboard Motor Mounting Bracket boasts of a heavy-duty Aluminum Construction. Ideal for kayaks, yachts and small powerboats, this outboard motor bracket is extremely durable in nature. Its 5 vertical positions add to its impressive flexibility. 115lbs is the maximum weight capacity of this outboard motor bracket and its body is constructed from Heavy-Duty Aluminum.

Pros –

  • Adjustable Bracket
  • 5 Vertical Position
  • Spring Loaded
  • Stainless Steel Springs


  • Some bolt hole choices are nonfunctional in some cases.
  • spring mechanism was too close for comfort

8. M-ARINE BABY Outboard Motor Mounting Bracket

M-ARINE BABY Outboard Motor Mounting Bracket sports polypropylene mounting board and a robust structure. Constructed from Heavy-Duty Aluminum, M-ARINE BABY Outboard Motor Mounting Bracket is ideal for 2-stroke motors. It has 5 different vertical positions. Thanks to the inclusion of the heavy-duty springs, lowering and lifting have become a lot easier.

Outboard Motor Bracket Buying Guide

There are a number of factors that you need to take into consideration while purchasing an outboard motor bracket.

1. Pricing

We understand that you don’t want to spend a fortune to get a good quality outboard motor bracket and you don’t have to. Never go for a low-quality product because it will not last long no matter what the seller has to say.

2. Adjustability

As you are aware, you need to get the propeller immersed fully in the water before starting the motor otherwise it will have a negative impact on the performance of the motor in the long run. Now, you might be wondering what this has anything to do with an outboard motor bracket. Well, my friend, to allow the propeller to get fully immersed in water, you need to have a motor bracket with adjustable vertical position locking system already in place. For example, if the motor is heavy, the outboard motor bracket will then have to be adjusted a little bit higher in the water. Now, if the motor is lightweight, the kicker motor bracket will then have to be adjusted lower in the water. You know the drill, right?

So, that means, the outboard motor bracket that you are planning to purchase should be versatile in nature and at the same time, it should be extremely easy to operate.

3. Weight, Power and the Size of the Motor

You need to carefully check the maximum weight capacity of the kicker motor bracket. The weight of the motor should never cross the maximum weight capacity of the motor bracket otherwise a disaster is sure to unfold sooner or later.

Width of the motor should also be taken into consideration. In case, you have multiple kayak motors, you might have to opt for a larger bracket in order to accommodate different engine sizes.

Acceleration power of the motor should not be ignored. The vibration and the thrust produced by the motor should not destabilize the outboard motor bracket at any cost. Double check that the kicker motor bracket is strong enough to withstand the acceleration and the vibration of the engine.

4. Build Quality & added Components

Since kayak motor brackets have to deal with water, mud, and wind all the time, it makes sense that they should be made from materials that are strong yet lightweight. Aluminum is one such material known to humans that is lightweight yet extremely strong in nature. Moreover, the material is anti-corrosive nature. However, if you are looking for the strongest outboard motor bracket available in the market, you will have to opt for stainless steel models.

Avoid outboard motor brackets made from cheap quality materials like the plague. Look for high-quality motor brackets made from airplane grade components. The anti-corrosive coating should ideally be applied on the motor bracket otherwise the product will not be able to withstand corrosion.

The outboard motor bracket should be easy to clean and ideally, it should be waterproof.

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