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Best Kayak Racks for Chevy Malibu

Best Kayak Racks for Chevy Malibu

So, you own a Chevy Malibu that sounds cool but what if you are to transport a kayak on its roof. Well, that is the main problem. Chevy Malibu is not spacious enough to accommodate a standard size kayak inside. So, you need to find a way to get around this problem and the easier way out is to get it attached to a kayak rack. Now finding the right kayak rack that is compatible with Chevy Malibu should not be an issue but it is. Most people find it really tough to zero in on a kayak rack that can be attached seamlessly to Chevy Malibu but not anymore. To make your job easier, here we have listed the best kayak racks for Chevy Malibu

Best 6 Kayak Racks for Chevy Malibu

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1. Rhino-Rack – Nautic Stack

The Chevrolet Malibu is good for handling urban transport and occasional highway trips but you can do more with it. Make it your kayaking trip companion by setting up a kayak rack. If you are unsure about the right product, just buy the Rhino-Rack – Nautic Stack. In fact, this is perfect if several family members go for a kayaking trip. The rack lets you carry up to 4 kayaks. There are 2 fixing styles- c-channel nut-bolt and universal clamp style. Durability is not an issue thanks to the usage of high strength anodized alloy. Installing the rack is easy and it weighs less than 4 kgs. In the pack, you will find every fixture required for setup.

2. Rhino-Rack – Nautic Loading Kayak Carrier

Are you thinking of going for Kayaking trips using your Chevy Malibu? For a reliable and durable solution, opt for the Rhino-Rack – Nautic Loading Kayak Carrier. This rack is laden with 2 Santoprene rubber pads for a secure grip. The product can be set up on most roof rack systems without issues. The company packs in all types of necessary accessories including tie-down straps and you also get a setup guide with it. Build quality of the rack is premium and you need not worry about weather caused damages. The company is offering 3 years warranty on the product.

3. Thule – Hull-a-Port XT Kayak Carrier

When you are not sure about which kayak rack to buy for your Chevy Malibu, go for the Thule – Hull-a-Port XT Kayak Carrier. It lets you carry 2 kayaks of varying sizes with ease. The folding design makes using the rack easy anywhere. Since the unit comes totally assembled, setting it up on the car takes a small amount of time. The rack’s maximum load capacity is 130 pounds. The rack weighs less than 13 pounds. This rack is designed aerodynamically and so, you will not have to cope with much wind noise. Build quality of the rack is impressive too.

4. Thule – Compass Kayak Carrier

Have you been thinking of buying a kayak rack for your Chevy Malibu so that you can head to distant lakes and rivers? If you want a well-performing kayak rack that looks stylish too, go for the Thule – Compass Kayak Carrier. In saddle mode, you can load one kayak on the rack while in stacker mode, loading 2 kayaks are possible. The Thick rubber saddles ensure the kayaks remain secure all along. The foldable design of the rack enhances the usage experience. The rack is built rugged and weighs close to 12 kgs. Compared to other competing racks, it does not create much wind noise.

5. Thule – DeckGlide Kayak Carrier

The Chevy Malibu is a versatile car that is good for city transport needs and also for highway trips. You may take it for distant kayaking trips and for that equipping the vehicle with a suitable kayak rack will be required. Try the Thule – DeckGlide Kayak Carrier and you will like the experience. Loading and removing kayaks on it is easy thanks to the pivoting rear saddles. The rack is compatible with Thule and third party rack systems. Build quality of the rack is very good and the same is true of the components used. Its maximum carrying capacity is 75 pounds.

6. Thule HullaPort Pro Rooftop Kayak Carrier

If you want to take your Chevy Malibu on kayaking trips away from the city, it will be necessary to equip the car with a suitable kayak rack. If you are uncertain about choosing from various options in the market, buy the Thule HullaPort Pro Rooftop Kayak Carrier. This is a durable and sleek looking J-style kayak rack. It comes equipped with all-weather pads and the design is space-saving. You get rugged straps that will last for several years. The rack has a rust-resistant coating. The maximum load capacity is 75 pounds. At 8.7 pounds, this rack is lightweight and that makes installation a hassle-free affair.

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