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Best 7 Paddle Bags for Kayaks and SUP

Paddle Bags for Kayaks & SUP

So, you have purchased a premium paddle for your next kayaking adventure. That sounds great. But how are you planning to transport it? Are you going to place it on the roof of your car? This is a terrible idea indeed. If you really care about your paddle and don’t want to see any scratches on it, you need to have a paddle bag.

Paddle bags service two purposes. Firstly, they help you keep the interiors of your car clean from the dirt that your paddle may accumulate over the time and secondly, they will also help you project your paddles from getting damaged during the transport.

Thankfully, the market has now flooded with paddle bags of different shapes and sizes but this has given rise to a new problem and that is the problem of plenty. In case, you are getting confused as to which kayak paddle bag to choose, please check out the reviews of these following paddle bags.

Best 7 Paddle bags

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Listed are top 8 paddle bags that money can buy. Read the pros and cons of each of these 7 best paddle bags for kayaks and SUPs and then try to reach a conclusion –

1. Dakine SUP Paddle Bag

Dakine SUP Paddle Bag can easily accommodate two SUP paddles without rubbing on each other. On the side is a half zipper. The stitching quality is just excellent and it has nice graphics on it. Its length can be adjusted based on your exact requirements. Made from 600D Polyester, Dakine SUP Paddle Bag is extremely durable in nature. The zipper is corrosion resistant and it also has an adjustable shoulder strap.


  • Adjustable length.
  • Can fit two paddles.
  • Good stitching.
  • Great graphics
  • Can accommodate paddles of different length and sizes.


  • You might have to push a little to accommodate two large paddles in it.

2. ZJ Sport Dragon Boat Paddle Bag

ZJ Sport Dragon Boat Paddle Bag will keep your kayaks protected from scratches.  This kayak paddle bag makes it super easy for you to carry you paddles around without hurting your back. The manufacturer has added some nifty little pockets in it. You can tuck in smaller items like cell phone, wallet, etc in it. You can easily carry a 52-inch-long paddle inside this bag. Aluminum zipper head is included in this bag.


  • This paddle bag has enough padding to keep your paddles safe and secure.
  • Included are large pockets for storing accessories.
  • Aluminum zipper head.


  • Though you can carry two paddles inside this bag, that it will be very tight in that case.

3. Premium SUP Paddle Bag for 3 Piece Adjustable Stand Up Paddles

Premium SUP Paddle Bag offers you the best bang for your buck. You can easily fit 3 standard size standup paddles inside it. It has three separate compartments to store three paddles. Made from tough nylon, this Premium SUP Paddle Bag has got the heat-reflective aluminum inner lining to ensure that your paddles don’t get too hot. Lightweight and insulated, this Premium SUP Paddle Bag can


  • 37 inches long paddles can be fitted easily inside.
  • 12-month replacement guarantee


  • 2-piece paddles can’t be fitted inside it.
  • Padding is not super thick and that means, you can’t abuse it at will.

4. SEALS Two-Piece Kayak Paddle Bag

SEALS Two-Piece Kayak Paddle Bag has got Duro-Quilt fabric inside to protect your paddles from scratches. However, Duro-Quilt fabric is tough as well and that means, it can offer protection from impacts. Included is lockable zipper that keeps your paddles intact while flying. Shaft divider is placed in the center to minimize the risk of rubbing. The shoulder strap is detachable in nature and its inclusion allows you to carry this two-piece paddle bag easily and effortlessly.


  • Well padded.
  • Detachable shoulder strap


  • A bit costly.

5. NRS Two-Piece Kayak Paddle Bag

NRS Two-Piece Kayak Paddle Bag is an outstanding paddle bag in every sense of the term. Triple needle stitching adds to its strength and durability. NRS Two-Piece Kayak Paddle Bag is perfect for transporting costly paddles safely without developing a single scratch in the transport. Its outer shell is made from heavy-duty Cordura that makes this paddle bag rip resistant so to speak. It has also got some inner and outer pockets where you can keep your accessories.

6. ZJ Sport Outrigger Canoe Paddle Bag with Adjustable Strap

ZJ Sport Outrigger Canoe Paddle Bag can easily accommodate 2 paddles of 52 inches. However, if your paddle has got a large face, you be struggling a lot to fit it around the face. However, this problem will cease to exist if you get a paddle with a smaller face. Since the strap is adjustable, you can take it off if you don’t need. Handle strap can be used if you wish to carry it around by hand. Overall it is a good paddle bag for everyday use.

7. ZJ Sport Dragon Boat Paddle Bag

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